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About Lalo Tachiquin....


In his role as vice president of Adult Customized Tours (, Lalo Tachiquin Alvarez has traveled to more than 130 countries, including spiritual places such as the Ganges River in India; Bagan, Myanmar; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; the Holy Land; Easter Island; the Pyramids of Egypt and Machu Picchu, Peru.  As he traveled the world, he was informed by many Shamans, psychics, and Buddhist leaders that he had a "visionary, healing gift," and while Lalo was always aware of being intuitive, it was not until he reached his 50's did he develop his psychic powers, with the help of spiritual leaders and a vast library of reference books.  Lalo's detailed readings and spot-on predictions amaze all who consult with him, and his clientele includes other professional psychics.

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